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The Restoration

After a long search on Datca we finally found the place we dreamed of; a more than hundred year old olive oil factory near Mesudiye. It has a fabulous view over the Aegean Sea. The factory is located on a quiet road, only two kilometers from the beach.

The property has a garden of 800 square meters. Old olive trees are growing in the garden, which are full of delicious olives each October.

The old olive mill is transformed into a villa, retaining all original features, including the olive oil press. A swimming pool is constructed in the garden. The garden has an excellent view on the Greek Island Tilos.

Datca Turkey 1

The olive oil factory when we bought it in August 2007

August 2007
After extensive negotiations with the local owners we finally closed the sale in August 2007.

October 2007
Towards the end of October 2007 we went to Turkey to share our ideas with the architect and the constructor. At the same time we did a first cleaning of the property (it has been used as donkey stable!). This allowed us to measure each room and put our ideas for each of the rooms on paper

November 2007
We signed the contract with the architect. She is making the final drawings. Meanwhile we are working on the website and negotiating with a number of builders.

Datca Turkey 2

View from the garden with the greek island Tilos

January 2008
We received the drawings from the architect. Apart from some small details they are as expected.

March 2008
Permission request is in the final stage, only the government of Mugla has to give their permission before we can start with the renovation of the building itself. Meanwhile the project manager has started working already. A bulldozer has removed some large stones in the garden and they started making the garden wall.

April 2008
The first part of the garden wall is nearly finished, unfortunately it rained the first days of April, so they couldn't work all the time.

May 2008
The walls are restored completely, and they started making the roof. The doors and windows are also ordered. The first week of June we will go to Datca to talk with the project manager about the garden and the inside of the factory. Until now everything is according our plans.

Datca Turkey 3

Discussions with our project leader

August 2008
In June and July we worked hard on the roof and on finishing the walls. The roof is well isolated against the high temperatures. We expect it will be comfortable in summer and in winter in the building due to the very thick walls (50 cm).

Datca Turkey 4

Making of the new roof

At this moment the roof and windows are made. When these are finished the building can be closed. Meanwhile we are preparing the floor. Concrete with old tiles. We already found the tiles in Holland, now we have to get them in Turkey...to be continued

Datca Turkey 5

Doors and windows are finished

November 2008
Doors and windows are finished. Currently they are making the floor. In February we will visit Datca and make the kitchen, bathroom etc.

June 2009
In May we went to Datca with Harry and Wilma. We wanted to take a look and of course finalize some details.

Datca Turkey 6

Harry in the evening, making drawings of our ideas

We ordered galvanized electricity pipes, like you see in cafés in New York, in the United States. Finally they arrived at the moment when we were in Datça. The pipes were connected on the walls and this gives the factory an industrial look. Also all other pipes for the toilets, and bathrooms etc were done.  

Meanwhile our constructor made all water pipes. Just before our "holiday" ended and we had to return to the Netherlands. We spent most of these ten days with talking to our project manager. Most difficult of this is of course that he has to realize our plans while we are in the Netherlands. On top of this you have a culture difference which makes it even more difficult. In Turkey they like to do what they think that’s best, even if we want it differently. But we are very pleased with the people who are doing this great job and they are realizing our plan. Pictures are taken every week so we can follow the progress.

Datca Turkey 7

The veranda is done.

We also learned a lot of this project and for a next project we now know what to do and what not to do.

The factory is in such stage that you can imagine how the end result will be.

Meanwhile we are back in the Netherlands, and the concrete floor is finished inside the factory and outside on the veranda. The French old tiles will be placed in the concrete floor. Wooden frames are made on the places where the tiles will be placed. The 85 tiles are currently still in the Netherlands. Every time we fly to Turkey we take a few of them with us.

Datca Turkey 8

The concrete floor in the veranda

We also bought two big old factory lamps from Eastern European factories. We took them with us in the plane as handluggage. Very much surprises that the airplane company allowed us to take them. The plan is to hang these lamps in the kitchen.

Datca Turkey 9

The floor with the connections for the kitchen

From now till august the following things will be done:
- Making the walls of the swimming pool
- Making the swimming pool
- Levelling the garden
- Making the septic tank

In september we will go back to Turkey to finish the kitchen, bathrooms, toilets.

After this is done we can concentrate on the styling. We are still on schedule to open our doors in May 2010.

The website is getting more and more visitors, we get lots of reservation requests.

August 2009
The base for the swimming pool is made, veranda is finished and also the second floor in the sleeping room is made. First items for the interior are already stalled inside, like old lamps etc. At the moment we are making plans for the kitchen and both bathrooms, these will be made in November.

swimming pool

March 2010
We decided to make the interior in the Netherlands. The disadvantage is we have to arrange transport and import. Importing in Turkey is very difficult, as we have experienced before. End of March the interior was ready and immediately put on transport.

datca trip
Isa in the truck, march 2010

April 2010
The truck with the interior has arrived! We immediately took the plane to Turkey to install the Kitchen, Bathroom, Closets etc.

datca villa kitchen
Harry making the kitchen

May 2010
Ready for the finishing touch. We bought all the kitchen and bathroom equipment in Ankara and we stayed in Datca for 4 weeks. Beds arrived, satellite television is installed, garden is made etc.

Chasing people was the most frustrating part of the job. But after four weeks we managed to get everything done. Even the swimming pool was nearly finished. We left with a good feeling and our first guests arrived in may.

datca villa garden
Nearly finished!

June 2010
First guests arrived. The pool needed to be finished, but this was done in a few days. We had some start up problems. The water was cut off in the village a few times, something we had never experienced during our stay. We bought an extra tank, so in case of water problems we have some supply left. We tried to learn as much as possible from our first guests. They provided us with very good feedback and now everything is going smoothly.

datca villa pool zwembad
The finishing touch

After years of work the job is finally finished. We look back at a very successful project. We did not experience big problems and the final result is just what we had in mind!

We enjoy Villaolivio very much and we hope our guests enjoy it as much as we do!!!

Ebru & Jeroen

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