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Knidia, the Ecofarm

Knidia EcoFarm was born out of our desire to combine the wonderful and unique natural beauties of the Datça Peninsula with simple life-style facilities that will allow our guests to enjoy this environment free of stress and tensions typical of metropolitan/city life. The idea was initiated in 2000 in Degirmenbükü (near Knidos) by Mr Ali Somer with the name Knidia, the ancient name given to the area. We are proud that every year the number of guests has consistently increased - with essentially no formal advertising.

Knidia 1

The mill on Knidia

The Farm

Knidia covers a land of 12 acres made up of a daily living space and a vineyard. There is also a pool used for irrigation and cooling purposes in the farm together with an orchard of various fruit trees, plus facilities for carpentry. Two old Greek stone buildings within the farm area have been restored with great care preserving their authenticity. At the moment, one of these buildings is being used as an olive oil mill and the other as the accommodation.

Knidia 2

Overview on Knidia with on the background the sea

In the area where Knidia is based, there is no municipal water or electricity network. However all water needs, including irrigation all covered through the natural spring water which runs within the farm area. The entire electricity requirement is provided ecologically through a combination of solar panels and a wind generator. One of our present project plans is to produce electricity utilizing the source of the spring water on the property.

Knidia 3

Making the olive oil on the Knidia farm

In addition to all of these, we also have around 100 acres of land close by, around Knidia Ecofarm, with olive groves, hundreds of almond trees and some carob (“St. John’s Bread”) trees from which we produce the unique “carob melas” sometimes also called “carob honey”

Accommodation and Prices

Accommodation points at Knidia are made up of four wooden huts, each accommodating for two people. The huts have been designed as half open in order to continue the interaction with nature while being protected from flies and insects. All of the huts have been built alongside the beautiful valley; some on the running water and some on the slopes.

As for our kitchen; for the last two years we have been able to supply almost all our vegetable needs from our own orchard. Preparing the meals usually turns in to a joyful fest together with our guests. Most of the meals are cooked in wood fire and we produce our own bread. The best part comes as our home made wine accompanies us during the dinners and nice evening chats.

Full board accommodation at Knidia is 50YTL per person, per day.

Look for more info at: www.knidia.com

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