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Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion

Dating back to 1809 and originally known as “Kocaev” (The Great House), it is one of the oldest surviving examples of this Mediterranean architectural style remaining in the region. The Pir Family found the building in a state of disrepair and for two years undertook an authentic and historically accurate restoration. The historic texture was preserved down to the last detail, in line with the “least interference is the best restoration” principle. Traces of the original guided each stage of the restoration work which was undertaken with the least amount of alteration. In order to avoid further damage to the tired building, the Mansion was first protected with a steel cage and all deconstruction took place after extensive documentation. The wooden construction was partly repaired in its place and partly in a workshop. A carpenter's shop was set up in the garden specifically for this purpose. Cedar was the preferred choice as that appeared to be the longer-lasting wood. Partially decayed wooden columns were not discarded but rather repaired. No fabricated pieces went into the repairs; everything was fixed with beaten nails and studs.

The Mansion is now an absolutely unique deluxe boutique hotel of considerable style and elegance.

The Mansion

The original mansion houses the public rooms of the hotel together with five of the most remarkable bedrooms. The ‘headroom’ which traditionally was only used to welcome special guest’s looks over three sides to the citrus garden, the rose garden and the courtyard and provides a peaceful and somewhat unusual sitting room. The rare woodwork and engravings date to 1831.

Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion 2

Other public rooms include a vaulted wine cellar, a library, a small museum and the original family Hamam. All these rooms stay true the original design woodwork, frescoes and engravings lovingly and carefully restored to the original style and quality of age.

The Stone Rooms

The twelve deluxe rooms and suites are dived between three attractive stone buildings in the grounds which were the original service section for the mansion. These contemporary, stylish and spacious rooms look out over the landscaped gardens and are designed using a modern Ottoman style that is in complete harmony with the property.

The Garden

The vast, walled property is surrounded by the most beautiful landscaping. The gardens and the buildings are full of hidden corners or elevated terraces which allow guests to hide away in peace and appreciate the wonderful views across the peninsula to the sea.

The boutique hotel also contains a swimming pool and has a private beach club.

More about "The Great House" could be read on: www.kocaev.com

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